(Helicity Amplitude Module for Matrix Element Reweighting)

Florian Bernlochner, Stephan Duell, Zoltan Ligeti, Michele Papucci, Dean Robinson

Latest HAMMER README, including install instructions (v1.3.0 August 2022)
Latest HAMMER manual (v1.3.0 Aug 2022)
Latest HAMMER source (v1.3.0 Aug 2022) and public gitlab repository (see repo also for previous versions)

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Preferred citations:
Das ist der HAMMER: Consistent new physics interpretations of semileptonic decays arXiv:2002.00020
Source code DOI (all versions)

Other Resources:
RooHammerModel: interfacing the HAMMER software tool with the HistFactory package arXiv:2007.12605

Constrained second-order power corrections in HQET: R(D(*)), |Vcb| and new physics, arXiv:2206.11281
Form Factor Counting and HQET Matching for New Physics in Λb→Λc*lν, arXiv:2105.09330
Precise predictions for Λb→Λc semileptonic decays, arXiv:1812.07593
New predictions for Λb→Λc semileptonic decays and tests of heavy quark symmetry, arXiv:1808.09464
Model independent analysis of semileptonic B decays to D** for arbitrary new physics, arXiv:1711.03110
Combined analysis of semileptonic B decays to D and D*: R(D(*)), |Vcb|, and new physics, arXiv:1703.05330
New Physics in the Visible Final States of B → D(*)τν, arXiv:1610.02045
HAMMER: Reweighting tool for simulated data samples, ICHEP 2016 proceedings